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Social Responsability


Given that we have a conscious viewpoint about the impact of the aerial industry on the environment, our ecological campaign, #CielitoLimpio, has implemented initiatives and programs designed to compensate for the pollution of flying, and will contribute with actions against global warming. We are continually working on establishing goals aligned with our sustainability model that allows us to contribute much more to the environment.


An example of this compromise was in 2014, the corresponding audits were done in order to achieve the necessary certifications on Environmental Management Systems: ISO 14001 and on Quality: ISO 9001 and actually, our operations are being regulated by those certifications, for different processes such as : organization of the Operations Control Center (CCO), Department of Crisis Management, Fuel Saving Program and Environmental Activities of the Corporate Offices (Green Offices).


Also, during 2014 with our Carbon Offset Program, we were able to, with the help of our clients, gather $904,000 MXN. These resources have been designated to the Ecological Reserve of Sierra Gorda on Querétaro, compensating part of the ecological trace generated by our operations, as well as creating an environmental awareness between Clients and Ambassadors.


In 2015, we adjusted our Carbon Offset Program by signing an agreement with the Plataforma Mexicana de Carbono MÉXICO2 for the purchase of certified reductions of carbon credits, which are used for national certified projects with international standards. We will accomplish this effort with our Clients and Ambassadors. With this, we have become the first airline to neutralize CO2 emissions, through this Organization.


Our Clients can choose to compensate the carbon footprint left behind with each flight, by contributing during their booking flight on “Por un Cielito Limpio,” through our website. These contributions will be reflected upon the purchase of carbon credits on MÉXICO2 .


Our campaign #CielitoLimpio will be composed of several programs, both internal and external, in which we can highlight important efforts such as:

  • Reduction of power consumption and garbage by recycling in our corporate offices.
  • Reduction of gas emissions within the atmosphere from the aircraft dispatch with:
  • A fleet with an age range of 4.5 years.
  • Last generation airplanes with technology that ensures a decrease of fuel consumption.
  • Flight plans with minimum differences between the planned payload and the real one, in order to get a difference below 400kg and avoid charging for unnecessary fuel.
  • Moving on the ground with only one engine and optimizing the flap use as well as reducing reverse use.
  • Incorporating new efficient technologies such as sharklets.
  • Proper selection of alternate airports.
  • Reduction of paper use by using a digital flight folder.



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